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The United States is one nation under God united in the belief that when we do stand together as a country and that all things are possible. Come celebrate your love of God and country with American patriotic art and gifts, patriotic Christian art sculpture, stained glass art, Christian home decor, tableware and much more from LordsArt featuring vibrant symbols of American freedom.

Whether you purchase is for yourself, or as a gift to others, you will love these reminders of God's goodness and unfailing love. It makes a great way to share your faith and anyone who receives it will treasure it. Our products are of high quality to make your loved one feel special with the gift they receive. Consider also using these pieces as décor to brighten up your home with the reminder of the love for your country, as well as God’s love for each of us.

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Trump Rushmore by Jon McNaughton
Mr. President by Danny Hahlbohm - 6 Sizes Available
The Impeachment Mob by Jon McNaughton
You Are Fake News by Jon McNaughton - 8 Options Available
Modern Day Paul Revere by Jon McNaughton - 8 Options Available
Lincoln's Prayer by Jon McNaughton
You Are Not Forgotten by Jon McNaughton - 16 Selections Available
Crossing The Swamp by Jon McNaughton - 6 options available
One Nation Under God by Jon McNaughton - 14 Options Available
Respect The Flag by Jon McNaughton - 6 Options Available
Make America Safe by Jon McNaughton - 8 options available
Expose The Truth by Jon McNaughton - 8 Options Available
Separation of Church and State by Jon McNaughtion - 4 Options Available
Teach A Man To Fish by Jon McNaughton - 8 Options Available
Justice For All by Jon McNaughton - 10 Options Available
Pray For America by Jon McNaughton - 6 Options Available
The Forgotten Man by Jon McNaughton - 18 Options Available
One Nation Under God by Danny Hahlbohm - Unframed Christian Art
The Dream Keepers by Kathryn Fincher - 10 Options Available
With You Always (Soldier) by Mark Patrick - Christian Art Sculpture
Lest We Forget Christian Art Sculpture by Timothy P. Schmalz
In God's Hands by Danny Hahlbohm - 2 Unframed Options
Patriotic Collection
Patriotic Collection Mugs
The Good Fight by Danny Halhbohm - 4 Unframed Options
Praise, Patriotic, Love, God's Promises Mixed Dinnerware Settings
Scripture Tableware Patriotic Collection
American Flag Patriotic Stained Glass Art
No Greater Love by Ron DiCianni - 6 Options Available
Chariots of Fire by Ron DiCianni - 6 Options Available
Blessed Are the Peacemakers by Ron DiCianni - 6 Options Available
The Good Samaritan by Ron DiCianni - 6 Options Available
Patriotic Eagle Stained Glass Panel
American Flag Stained Glass Art Panel
Soaring Eagle in Sky Patriotic Stained Glass Art Panel
Soaring Eagle with Flag American Stained Glass Art
American Flag in US Outline Stained Glass Art Panel
Heavy Burden by Danny Hahlbohm - 4 Unframed Options
Our Guardian Angels by Danny Hahlbohm - 4 Unframed Options
Not Alone by Danny Hahlbohm - 5 Unframed Options
God Has My Back - Male Soldier by Danny Hahlbohm - Christian Art
Angel Of Liberty - The Vision of George Washington by Jon McNaughton - 10 Options
Mending The Nation by Jon McNaughton - 12 Options Available
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The Great Physician by Nathan Greene In the Garden by Ron DiCianni Precious by David Bowman Calvary by Stephen S. Sawyer Reflection of God by Morgan Weistling She Shall Bring Forth a Son by Liz Lemon Swindle