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The Impeachment Mob by Jon McNaughton
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The Impeachment Mob by Jon McNaughton

The Impeachment Mob by Jon McNaughton portrays the depth of hatred the far left has for President Trump.

The Impeachment Mob

By Jon McNaughton

You made your mark in history

With your twisted, sorted lies.

Beneath the Halls of Congress

You plotted to disguise.

Your hatred for the President,

His unworthy leadership,

You planned his swift removal

Through a calculated script.

You found a whistleblower

You shifty little Schiff,

To string him up together

And throw him in a pit.

We’ll push this through the Congress.

He’ll have no place to run.

We’ll beat him with subpoenas.

And dig until we’ve won.

Trump cannot deny us

Our justice and our hate.

We have all the power

To impeach and subjugate.

Now lighten up your torches

And grab your bully sticks.

We’ll march against Republicans

Like the Bolsheviks.

The Senate has the documents.

She handed out the pens.

Pelosi ripped the papers.

Before the bitter end.

For the mob that was assembled

Their mission was a ruse.

The President was acquitted.

The torches were diffused.

So, If you see another

disgraceful witch hunt fraud,

Remember, the time of victory

O’er the Trump Impeachment mob!

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