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Christian art and gifts that express appreciation for a Pastor, Priest or Clergy person make perfect gifts for Pastor Appreciation Day, Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries. Good pastors are gifts from God and deserve our honor, appreciation and thanks for the work that they do in shepherding the church. Browse our selection of pastor gifts to find just that perfect gift from the congregation that will be treasured and remembered for years to come.

Shop for Bible Quote wall décor, Christian Art, crosses, mugs, inspirational sculpture, gift baskets, Christian Calligraphy, or Crystal Sculptures. We also have some excellent gifts for Pastor's wives as well!

Show your Pastor how much you appreciate him!

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Pastor Blessings Cross
Pastor Blessings Plaque
The Great Commission Framed Christian Wall Decor
Man Of God Framed Christian Wall Decor
Faithful Servant Framed Christian Wall Decor
Pastor And Pastor's Wife Framed Wall Decor
To Our Pastor - Framed Christian Home Decor
Large Ark Of The Covenant Sculpture - 14x12x10.5
Large Word Of God Sculpture - 12x12x8 - Christian Home Decor
Large Praying Man Sculpture - 14.75x10x10.75
Large Humble Servant Sculpture - 14x10x11 - Pastor Appreciation Gift
Go Forth by Mark Patrick
Preaching The Word by Nathan Greene - 3 Options Available
Good Shepherd - Ministry Edition Small Stone Sculpture Plaque
The Legacy by Ron DiCianni - 6 Options Available
A Man of God - Framed Christian Tabletop Home Decor
A Pastor's Wife - Framed Christian Tabletop Home Decor
Putting God First - Inspirational Sculpture for Man - "Best Seller"
Word of God Sculpture "BEST SELLER"
Word of God Sculpture Plaque
A Faithful Servant - Framed Christian Tabletop Home Decor
Prayer For A Pastor 3D Wall Clock by Heartfelt
Humble Servant Inspirational Sculpture - "Best Seller"
Appreciation For Our Minister Framed Tabletop Christian Verses
Prayer For Our Pastor Framed Tabletop Christian Verse
Dear Minister Framed Tabletop Christian Verse
Pastor II Timothy 4:2 Framed Tabletop
Minister I Timothy 1:12 Framed Tabletop
Pastor and Pastor's Wife Framed Wall Art
Pastor Matthew 28:19 Framed Wall Art
Minister I Timothy 4:13-16 Framed Wall Art
Praying Man Inspirational Sculpture - Christian Home Decor
Wonderful Counselor Inspirational Sculpture
Humble Servant Mini Sculpture
Shadow of Christ by David Sanders - Christian Home Decor
Jesus And The Cross Inspirational Sculpture
Putting God First Inspirational Sculpture
Pastor/Pastor's Wife Coffee Mugs
The Great Commission Framed Christian Wall Decor
Our Pastor & Pastor's Wife Appreciation Gift - Christian Wall Art
Our Pastor Framed Appreciation Gift - Christian Home & Wall Decor
Faithful Servant Framed Pastor Appreciation Gift - Christian Home Decor
Minister Framed Christian Appreciation Wall Decor
Gift Of Music Framed Christian Wall Decor
Prayer For Our Pastor Framed Christian Wall Decor
Appreciation For Our Minister Framed Christian Wall Decor
For Our Pastor And His Wife Framed Christian Wall Decor
Dear Pastor Framed Christian Wall Decor
Dear Minister Framed Christian Wall Decor
Pastor Blessings Pen
Pastor Blessings Mug
Faithful Servant Cross - Christian Home Decor
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The Great Physician by Nathan Greene In the Garden by Ron DiCianni Precious by David Bowman Calvary by Stephen S. Sawyer Reflection of God by Morgan Weistling She Shall Bring Forth a Son by Liz Lemon Swindle