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Outburst Bible Edition Christian Game
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Outburst Bible Edition Christian Game

An uproarious party game filled with challenging and entertaining Bible topics. Each topic has 10 target answers. How many can you get? The fun begins when your team draws its very first topic. It could be Names for Christ, or Animals in the Bible, or Sons of Jacob. Pandemonium reigns as the 60-second timer is turned over and the verbal explosions begin. Your team will be pouring out answers, shouting out possibilities. But remember only the 10 target answers score points. There are 252 topics, a molded card viewer, bonus points, passing chips and hours and hours of fun in this non-intimidating, laughter-filled game that only takes about an hour to play. Outburst Bible Edition- it’s as easy as it is fun.

Try it… Can you name ‘10 Books of the Old Testament’? You have one minute… Go!