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Loving Savior by Jon McNaughton - 8 Options Available
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Loving Savior by Jon McNaughton - 8 Options Available

Artist Comments: “I believe there is nothing more challenging for an artist than to paint the Savior of the world. There is such diverse opinion as to how He should be painted that such an attempt is sure to bring about a varied response from viewers. I chose to represent the Savior as best I could by emphasizing the feeling of great love He has for each of us. He leans against His staff as golden light fills the landscape. There is a feeling of strength as His strong hands hold the solid staff on which He leans. But, the most critical part of the painting is His eyes. The eyes as we well know are the window to the soul. I wanted this image to capture the unconditional love that could only come from the man who gave up more and sacrificed more for you and me than any other. This is my Loving Savior.”

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Whether you buy it for yourself or give it as a gift, you will love this reminder of God's goodness and unfailing love. It makes a great way to share your faith and anyone who receives it will treasure it.

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