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It Is Finished by Danny Hahlbohm - 6 Sizes Available
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It Is Finished by Danny Hahlbohm - 6 Sizes Available

Jesus is the mighty warrior, sent on a mission by His Father to redeem that which was lost. When Jesus Christ came down here to live among us, He left all that He had, all that He was, at the doorstep of heaven. The only thing Jesus kept with him was His identity as the true and only begotten Son of God, which He proclaimed throughout this land all the days of His life.

Jesus emptied Himself of all else, empty so that when He was filled with the Spirit of God, that was who He acknowledged Himself to be. In Mark 10:17 when someone called Him "good master," Jesus immediately turned and said, "Why calleth me that, for there is only one who is good and that is the father. All I do is what I have seen the Father do."

Because Jesus was completely emptied out He never committed one sin in His entire walk down here. After all the trials, insults, beatings and even the death of the cross, when Jesus once again returned through the gates of heaven, and called it "finished."

As the mighty warrior, completing His mission, He now puts the sword back in it's sheath. The sword of God represents the truth and God's Word. It was all prophesied years before and now was all fulfilled, so that part is indeed "Finished." His battle was fought, won and completed. Never once did Jesus ever called on the thousands of angels to come to His aid, but now that it is finished He calls on them, and on us, to continue the fight for all the remaining lost souls.

We bear the same sword that Jesus had, one of truth via the Holy Spirit. The very same Spirit that guided, helped and filled Him up, also abides in us if we believe in Him. Now we too must pick up that sword and fight the good fight so that one day we too shall enter in through the gates of heaven as the sons and daughters of God, and we shall see Him as He truly is... the victor, the King of Kings, the Son of the true living God.

The scars that Jesus bears are those which He rightfully earned during battle, nailed to the cross. Scars that were given on our behalf from one who loves us so much that he laid it all down, fought the good fight and now proclaims throughout all heaven and earth.... "It is Finished!"