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He Went Apart to Pray by Stephen S. Sawyer - 13 Unframed Options
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He Went Apart to Pray by Stephen S. Sawyer - 13 Unframed Options

Steven S. Sawyer's He Went Apart To Pray is an unframed Christian art piece that would make a great addition to any home décor. It is a Top Seller at and makes an unique Christian gift. It reminds us that Jesus understood the importance of daily prayer.

Through the centuries we have often been taught that prayer is with clasped hands, closed eyes and a bowed head. These notions, while wholly appropriate for some, leave others feeling like an outcast. When we pray it is because we have a problem that we earnestly are seeking the will and assistance of God.

Unlike worship which is our attitude of gratitude for all things which we confront in this short life, prayer stops time as we focus on the problem at hand.

Jesus was a person who met every challenge of life and service to others with his eyes wide open and so it is that he here is portrayed communing with the Father, as if face to face, discussing the needs of the day, always finishing his requests that the Father's will be done, not his.

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All paper and canvas giclees are signed by Mr. Sawyer

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