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Crucifixion Detail by Gary Lessord - 2 Sizes Available
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Crucifixion Detail by Gary Lessord - 2 Sizes Available

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The image centers on Christ alone with turbulence in the sky. The angle is from the viewpoint of the thieves on the sides of Jesus. It was painted this way so everyone who viewed Jesus' crucifixion would see Him as the thieves did on the cross. Opportunity is given to the viewer to either be convicted and call upon the love and grace of God's son to save them, as the one thief did, or choose to deny the reality of Christ's sacrifice on the cross and perish, as the other thief. The reality of the atoning blood is placed undeniably before people in visual simplicity. A picture is worth a thousand words and combined with the Word of God it is that much more effective.

This amazing painting was done by American artist Gary Lessord in 1979. The importance of this work of art is in it's truth and reality. "It would make no sense to me, as an artist, to depict such a monumental and all important moment in history without illustrating the true prophetic intensity of the Holy Scriptures".

In June of 1999, "The Crucifixion" was exhibited in the Rotunda of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. Also, the original painting is featured in Jesus 2000, the International Traveling Exhibition. Most recently it is the front cover for "The Many Faces of Christ", a book of international museum and private collection artworks depicting Christ by such masters as Rembrandt, Carravagio, El Greco, and Delacroix.

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