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As One by Danny Hahlbohm - 6 Sizes Available
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As One by Danny Hahlbohm - 6 Sizes Available

The painting "AS ONE", is a rather complex mixture concerning the aspect of the Godhead. Before I describe what the painting is, let me first tell you what it is not.

The depiction of the Godhead does not depict God the Father as some huge universe or galactic form, vague of shape. The Father is not the universe, the universe is something He made, not what, or who He is. The Holy spirt which is also part of the Godhead, is not some floating dove or spiritual mist moving about, nor is Christ Jesus the lowly servant of man as He once was when He walked among us. The consistency of the Godhead is none of this. For God does indeed have form and is an identity, He is the Father, our heavenly Father, complete with a face, hands and feet as He has told us in His Word. The Holy Spirit also has definitive form, but not as a dove which many have portrayed Him as from time to time, (including myself in years past) The bible does not say the Holy Spirit was a dove, but rather that the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus like a dove. And lastly Jesus is now who has always been, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Jesus laid aside His deity when He came down here to walk among us as a living example of how we should live. At that time he was (as He had stated many times) a servant unto man, even to the point of washing their feet. After His resurrection, Jesus once agin put on His divine deity as King over all things. Next time we see Him, we will see Him as the King that He now is.

Each one of them is compassionate, loving and kind in their own particular sovereignty, but sovereign nonetheless. My purpose was not to give an exact depiction of what the Godhead looks like (my ability on this earth is limited) however, I wanted to create this painting to fully establish the fact that each one person who makes up the Godhead is in fact an individual person complete with individual personality, and yet, because of their strong unification, they indeed are AS ONE.