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Angel art have always been a sought after category of Christian and religious art. Lord's Art offers beautiful framed and unframed renditions of precious angels by Danny Hahlbohm, Steve Hanks, Ron DiCianni, William Hallmark and other Christian artists in a variety of mediums including paper prints, paper giclees, lithographs and canvas giclees.

We also offer a number of oil on canvas originals from several of our artists. Christian art makes great conversation starters and provide an unique way to share your faith with all who visit your home. Beautify your home with Christian wall décor and wall art from

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Gethsemane by Howard Lyon - 7 Unframed Options
Herald Angels by Howard Lyon - 6 Unframed Options
Refuge by Danny Hahlbohm - Unframed Christian Art
Gethsemane by James C. Christensen - 2 Options Available
Glory To God In The Highest by Tom dubois - 4 Options Available
Angel And The Spirit by Michael Dudash - 6 Options Available
Behold, The Savior by James Seward - 4 Options Available
Angel (White) by J. Kirk Richard - 5 Unframed Selections
In the Shadow of Your Wings by Daniel Gerhartz - 24x18 Limited Edition Canvas
Jesus and the Angels - 6 Framed & Unframed Options
At Your Service by Danny Hahlbohm - 6 Unframed Options
Not Alone by Danny Hahlbohm - 5 Unframed Options
Guardian of Children by Lars Justinen - 28 Framed & Unframed Options Available
God Has My Back - Male Soldier by Danny Hahlbohm - Christian Art
Messanger by Ron DiCianni - 3 Options Available
Not One Is Forgotten by Kathy Lawrence - Framed or Unframed
Archangel by Danny Hahlbohm - 5 Unframed Options
Heavenly Thoughts by Danny Hahlbohm - 4 Unframed Options
Company of Angels by Danny Hahlbohm - 4 Unframed Options
The Un-Named Angels by Venetia Epler - 2 Unframed Options
Raphael The Healing Angel by Venetia and Daphne - 2 Unframed Options
Guardian Angel Number 2 by Venetia & Daphine - 2 Unframed Options
Celestial Bodies by Octavio Ocampo - 3 Sizes Available
Angelic by Tom Cross Framed Angel Art - 4 Unframed Options
Angel On My Shoulder by Don Kloetzke - 3 Unframed Options
Coming Storm by Danny Hahlbohm - 5 Unframed Options
Count Your Blessings by Steve Hanks - 2 Unframed Options
Heaven's Loss by Ron DiCianni - 6 Options Available
The Angels of Holy Hill by Don Kloetzke - 3 Unframed Options
Angel by J.Kirk Richards - 6 Unframed Options
Cherubim and a Flaming Sword by J.Kirk Richards - 5 Unframed Options
Sistine Madonna Angels by Raphael - 4 Framed Options
Concert of Angels by Giovanni Battista Gaulli - 3 Framed Options
Guardian Angel (Children Resting) - 3 Framed Options
St. Raphael - Framed Christian Art
Three Angels by M. C. Barker - Framed Christian Art
Angelic Choir of Angels - Framed Christian Art
Guardian Angel with Boy in Boat - Framed Christian Art
Angel Playing the Violin by Melozzo da Forli - 2 Framed Options
Two Angels(Lippi) by Fra Filippo Lippi - 2 Framed Options
The Nativity(Detail of Angels) by Ghirlandaio - 2 Framed Options
Holy Trinity Angels - 3 Framed Christian Art Options
Guardian Angel on the Perilous Bridge (Gold Frame) - 4 Framed Options
Guardian Angel on the Perilous Bridge(Ornate Dark Frame) - 4 Framed Options
I Am With You Always by Karen Powell - 3 Options Available
Watchers In The Night by Thomas Blackshear
The Heaven Of Angels by Catherine Andrews - 16x20 Print

Lord's Art offers Christian art for every home décor setting. Whether it is biblical themes you prefer, pictures of Jesus, or artwork from one of our Christian artists, you can find it here at

We are authorized dealers for many of today's most popular Christian artists, distributors and publishers. We offer a variety of quality framed and unframed Christian and religious artwork. We ensure the quality and authenticity of every piece of art we sell and guarantee the safe arrival and excellent condition of all Christian artwork sold.

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