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What Would The Founding Fathers Think? by David Bowman
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What Would The Founding Fathers Think? by David Bowman

What Would The Founding Fathers Think? by David Bowman is a YOUNG American's Guide to Understanding What Makes Our Nation Great & How We've Strayed

What if the Founding Fathers could see our nation today? What would they say to the next generation about it?

Join George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and James Madison (via Skype/chat session) as they discuss our country’s current crisis as compared with their original intentions for America. With wit, humor, and a variety of visuals, David Bowman skillfully teaches the wisdom of returning to our nation’s founding principles, and in a way that young people will get it.

Our nation is only as good as its next generation. Let’s equip them with the knowledge necessary to be a permanently free people.

For kids 8+, teenagers, and adults who still like books with pictures.

126 pages, softcover (9” x 6”)

All books are signed by David, with a little cartoon character drawn inside. If you want the books signed to specific kids, please specify their names at the time of placing the order.

This book is funny while bringing forth core principles of the founding of this nation. A few other books may teach about this history, but none do it in such an amusing way. This book will be a real treat for anyone. David has proved that learning can be fun. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” — Amazon Review

“Best book dealing with original intent that I’ve seen for kids. Geared to kids about age 8, but would definitely work for older and younger. Short, concise, and packed with information. Excellent!” — Amazon Review

“This book is phenomenal! Seriously! If you really want your children to understand what our Constitution is and does start here! This book will give them (and you) a CLEAR picture of just why our Constitution is so important.” — Amazon Review