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Tree of Life by Elfred Lee - 4 Options Available
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Tree of Life by Elfred Lee - 4 Options Available

Tree of Life by Elfred Lee is a beautifully detailed fine art canvas giclee that would make a wonderful addition to any church or home decor setting.

The human story begins and ends with a mysterious, magnificent, tree... In the beginning we see our first parents, Adam and Eve, enjoying the privilege of eating from a tree that perpetuates life. And although eating the “apple” is a story that has taken on a almost comic book fantasy - the reality is meaningful to those whose hearts tell them this story is real.

Let’s go back in time and trace the history of this tree that gave eternal life. Adam and Eve once walked the paths of the Garden on Eden, but in that beautiful home, next to this life-giving tree, stood another tree that was forbidden. And with one fateful choice, the human race was condemned and with no access to it’s fruit humans slowly degrade in stature, intelligence, strength and beauty.

But what must have it been like to have just out of your reach, a tree that could make you live forever? What attempts were made by those magnificent, still near perfect beings, to get passed the angels guarding entrance to its sacred fruit? Barred from accessing the tree’s life giving fruit, some saw a daily hope that its existence meant God would offer to show them the way back to their Eden home. But as the earth began to populate, humanity sank lower and lower. For many, the tree was a constant reminder that they didn’t want a path they couldn't gain by force. As each made their decision, the earth rapidly filled with a proud race of people that would not acknowledge their need and the thoughts of this incredible people were so continually evil that God would have to destroy this race of men before there was no one left to carry the light of truth to other generations.

From a perfect paradise, where the traces of sin still barely affected nature, the world would become a vast ocean and afterwords only traces of its former beauty.But what of our precious tree? What of that promise of eternal life and entrance once again to our beautiful Eden home...? Revelation, the last book of the Bible, pulls back the curtain and reveals that our precious promise was taken from this world to be restored to us when all tears are wiped away and all things are made new! Filling in the blanks, we see, that in approximately 2446B.C., just prior to the last call to board the massive ship of Noah, the Garden of Eden was removed from Earth and transported out of harms way, preserved till such day it could be restored to mankind once again.

The painting “The Tree of Life” by archeological illustrator Elfred Lee, is a small attempt to capture that future day where we will eat again from the tree that gives life....whose leaves are for the “healing of the nations” and where we will all joyfully meet our loved ones again. Come join that grand reunion, where all sadness, hate and strife have been eradicated both on the inside and out....where the lion and the lamb can lay together in peace. Go on, imagine eating the fruit yourself, it’s yours! Drink the sweet tasting water from the river of life that flows from the throne through the tree’s massive split trunk. Let this image be a reminder of what was lost in the past, preserved for the future, to be enjoyed by billions of people - like you and me, sometime soon in the near future.

With vibrant colors and pleasant design, this powerful work of art comes with a varnish coating to protect the image from U/V rays, water penetration and damaging oil from fingerprints.

4 sizes to choose from - see drop down box for pricing.

Whether you buy it for yourself or give it as a gift, you will love this reminder of God's goodness and unfailing love. It makes a great way to share your faith and anyone who receives it will treasure it.

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