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Thy Will Be Done by Joy Gough - 2 Framed Options
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Thy Will Be Done by Joy Gough - 2 Framed Options

About the author: Joy’s works covers many genre and her diversity of style has been stimulated by her varied travels through many continents of the world, from the mountains of Switzerland through the diversity of Europe to the vibrant Middle East and to the evocative customs of the Far East. Her art covers subjects from moody seascapes to evocative Mountain scenery; from still life to vivid abstract. Each subject is carefully enhanced by her choice of medium and equipment.

Her foray into abstract art was prompted by several requests and proved not only rewarding but demonstrates her natural eye for light and colour.

Joy’s work has been commissioned on many occasions and appears on the walls of law firms, accountants, country houses and city apartments as well as several galleries throughout the UK.

After moving from Essex, she now works from her studio on the Staffordshire\Shropshire border. Having easy access to the industrial landscape of the Midlands and the stunning rolling countryside of Shropshire is a constant source of inspiration.

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