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The Promise by Tom duBois - Framed Christian Art
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The Promise by Tom duBois - Framed Christian Art

Print - Brushstroked, Framed & Matted

Dimensions: 9 x 12

Outside Dimensions: 16.75 x 19.75 x 1.25

Release Date: 4-2007

Edition Size: Open

The Promise by Tom duBois ~ Before beginning this painting, Tom cast his characters, realizing that he would need to utilize the same characters in each painting in the series. All were from the Chicago area as that is where Tom was living at the time. He designed and sewed the clothing for The Promise and researched animals at zoos in Chicago and Los Angeles. He studied Genesis for all specific details given on the ark and did his utmost to create the ark in the correct scale relative to the characters and creatures. Unlike most artists' conceptions of the ark which seem to be more on the side of small ark with large animals, Tom's is realistic - yet very, very charming. As is his unique style, he "decorated" it with garlands of flowers and colorful cloth banners. The result is the most unconventional, yet realistic, ark ever! And watching over their voyage is the ever-present angel in the clouds to the left of the rainbow.