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The Commission by Tom duBois - Framed
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The Commission by Tom duBois - Framed

Print - Brushstroked, Framed & Matted

Dimensions: 9 x 12

Outside Dimensions: 16.75 x 19.75 x 1.25

Release Date: 4-2007

Edition Size: Open

The Commission by Tom duBois ~ In creating The Commission, Tom faced a new set of challenges: How would the ark have been built? How would God communicate instructions to Noah? What would have to be created for the journey to store food and to care for the animals? Watched over by an angel in the shadows, Noah is pensive and attentive as he listens to God's instructions at sunset, which represents the shortening of time until the rains begin. Some characters are engaged in creating baskets and vessels for the journey. Non-believers hover in the darkness as they ridicule Noah's efforts and trust in God - the darkness representing their inability to see the truth. This is a serious and somber time as Noah and his family undertake this unique endeavor trusting completely that God will provide for them if they do His will.