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Storm Pilot by Stephen S. Sawyer - 14 Unframed Options
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Storm Pilot by Stephen S. Sawyer - 14 Unframed Options

"This is the Way"

Following Jesus in faith obliterates the dead center of indecision where nothing gets done.

We must first enter the boat if we are to be guided. We must treat unreasoned fear as an imposter. We must become disappointment proof if we are to arrive at the proper destination. And we must surely release our need to control a Universe already in worthy hands.

"The Storm Pilot" was created in recognition of Stephen's absolute faith and trust in God. And despite any and all outward appearances, this Universe is friendly, loving, and intelligent.

The relationship of a trusting soul to the indwelling presence of the Heavenly Father is sublime. The willingness to be guided away from self-destruction and sin added to our desire to survive the storms of this life, leads us as partners with God, to the safe harbors of Eternity.

All the elements of "The Storm Pilot" depict first and foremost, FAITH. That all things work for good among those who love and trust God is essential. Therefore, let us remember in all of our trials that God is among us, laboring ceaselessly to turn our minds toward behavior, in all situations, which will bring about the Kingdom of heaven on earth.

"The Storm Pilot" is dedicated to Gwen Shaw of the End Time Handmaidens.

Whether you purchase for yourself, or as a gift to others, you will love this reminder of God's goodness and unfailing love. It makes a great way to share your faith and anyone who receives it will treasure it.

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All paper and canvas giclees are signed by Mr. Sawyer

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