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Professional Portraits by Stephen Sawyer

Stephen Sawyer's Commission Procedure

It is very nice when a person commissioning a portrait is available to sit for the painting of their portrait. However, since this is very time consuming many people prefer photography.

I make the camera session as entertaining and informative as I can. I take hundreds of photos and the length of time involved is generally one to three hours. When children are involved we work as quickly as possible and take as many breaks as needed to keep the child fresh and happy. When the photos are finished, I go through them several times to select the poses and lighting that I know will give the best portrait. I show those photos to the client with the intention of discovering which photo best displays their personality. Viewing of the photos can be the same day as the photo session. Generally we have a perfect photo for the oil portrait with one photo session, however, if there is need for additional photos we arrange for another sitting.

After the selection has been made, the client initials the back of the photograph. This is their visual contract with me. They know that I have promised them a portrait that meets and exceeds every quality that is represented by the selected photograph.

For those clients who wish to see the portrait before I present it as finished, I make sure the face is absolutely accurate, regardless of the stage of completion. I usually send a photo or e-mail an image of the progress. It always delights them to see the painting in progress. I receive half of my commission in advance and the balance upon completion. Payment arrangements can be tailored to suit your needs. I accept credit card payments as well. Highest quality custom framing is an additional service we offer. I personally deliver the painting when possible; otherwise your painting will be packed, insured and shipped to you.


Pricing is based on using oil paints on cotton or linen canvas with a simple background

Medium background add 25% Complex background add 40%

BUST SIZE / Head and Shoulders

Based on using oil paints on cotton or linen canvas with a simple background Medium background add 25% and a complex background add 40%. If there is another person in the portrait there is a 25% reduction of each additional person in the portrait.

16" x 20" or smaller $6,450
20" x 24" $9,650
24"x30" $14,450 includes a medium background

THREE QUARTER body / Includes hands
24" x 30" $15,450
30" x 40" $26,450

Full body
24" x 36" $19,870
30" x 40" $27,650

Grand Portraiture
36" x 60" $42,950

All of the Grand Portraits include complex backgrounds and are always individually sized and priced The incremental increase of a Grand Portrait is calculated by adding $1,900 per additional square foot.

Please contact us regarding backgrounds, additional people in the portrait, etc, to receive pricing.

*Stephen Sawyer will fly or drive and take photos of the person and then paints the portrait.

Some examples of Stephen S. Sawyer's portraits

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Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

Some photos are enlarged to show details.

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