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Simeon's Moment by Ron DiCianni - 6 Options Available
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Simeon's Moment by Ron DiCianni - 6 Options Available

Adorn the walls of your home with Simeon's Moment by Ron DiCianni. The visually stunning piece of Christian fine art would make a wonderful addition to any home decor setting.

To hold the Son of God in your arms has to be an awesome experience! For Simeon it was indeed the moment of a lifetime as it showed the fulfillment of God’s promise to him and to the world. Simeon’s Moment speaks to the joy and elation that Simeon must have felt at seeing that prophecy fulfilled. As the Michael Card song so beautifully describes in words and this painting so powerfully displays, this is the moment that Simeon had lived his life for. Luke 2:21-35

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