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Raising of the Cross by Jason Jenicke - 3 Unframed Options
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Raising of the Cross by Jason Jenicke - 3 Unframed Options

This powerful version of Jesus Christ being raised on the cross during His crucifixion by Christian artist Jason Jenicke reminds us of the suffering that our Lord had to endure for us. But not only was He "raised on the cross", but He was raised from the dead, Hallelujah!

About the artist

Jason Jenicke was born in 1978 in Kansas City, Kansas. He began drawing as a child and grew to love and appreciate art at an early age. Jasonís art education began in high school with an extremely supportive art teacher. He then went on to earn a Bachelors of Fine Arts with an emphasis in painting at the University of Kansas. During college his art skills advanced in charcoal, oil painting, and sculpture. Through life drawing classes Jason further developed his talents in drawing the human figure. While in college Jason became involved KUís Saint Lawrence Catholic Campus Center. Through the Center, he was given the opportunity to increase his faith on an entirely new level. Jason began participating in daily prayer, and attending classes to deepen his knowledge and understanding of Catholicism.

In 2005 Jason was approached by about pursuing his dreams of being a full time artist. A patron funded Jason, for three years, to create oil paintings of religious scenes from the New Testament. This collection of religious oil paintings is on display at St. James Academy in Lenexa, Kansas. Jason has also created a large body of work for both private collectors and churches.

Jason looks for inspiration throughout Godís creations. The human figure is at the core of his work, but wildlife and landscaping also inspire him. Jasonís goal is to find and capture lifeís beauty in his artwork. Jason moved to Lexington, KY in March of 2010 with his wife Jennifer. They look forward to discovering the endless beauty of Kentuckyís rolling hills.

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