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Miracles of Jesus

From the changing of water into wine to His resurrection, Jesus' ministry was marked by miracles that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that not only was He the Messi ah, the Christ, but He was God the Son.

Each of the works of art in this category provides outstanding conversation starters that make an excellent way to share your faith with everyone who visits your home. Included are paintings of some of the most beloved stories from the New Testament. Jesus touched the lives by healing some of the most despised and outcast of Jewish society from lepers, the blind, the bleeding woman and the lame. He raised Lazarus and Tabitha from the dead. He displayed his mastery over creation by walking on water, calming the storm and turning the water into wine.

From simple wall art & home décor to fine art giclees, shop LordsArt for Christ centered art and wall décor that will enhance the beauty of any office or home.

Whether you buy it for yourself or give it as a gift, you will love this reminder of God's goodness and unfailing love. It makes a great way to share your faith and anyone who receives it will treasure it.

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Be Still by Jay Bryant Ward
Christ Healing by Carl Bloch - 2 Options Available
Sharing The Loaves by Del Parson - 10 Framed & Unframed Options
Where Jesus Walked by Jay Bryant Ward - 14 Framed & Unframed Options
Healing by J. Kirk Richards - 3 Selections Available
Feeding The 5000 - 13 Selections Available
I Can See - 13 Selections Available
Trust In The Lord by Liz Lemon Swindle - 3 Selections Available
Thread Of Faith by Howard Lyon - 6 Unframed Options
Where Are The Nine by Liz Lemon Swindle - 2 Options Available
Christ Among The Lepers by J. Kirk Richards - 4 Unframed Selections
Sight Restored by J. Kirk Richards - 4 Selections Available
Arise and Walk by Simon Dewey - 2 Options Available
The Pool Of Bethesda by Nathan Greene - 2 Options Available
Wedding at Cana by Jason Jenicke - 4 Framed Options
The First Miracle by James Seward - 11 Unframed Options
The Promise by Morgan Weistling - 2 Options Available
Daughter Arise by Simon Dewey - 3 Framed Options
Jesus Walking on the Water by Norbert McNulty - Unframed Christian Art
Jesus Walking on the Water - Framed Christian Art
Peace! Be Still! by James Seward - 9 Unframed Options
Calming the Storm by Jon McNaughton - 14 Options Available
Against the Wind by Liz Lemon Swindle - 6 Framed & Unframed Options
From Fear To Faith by Howard Lyon - 9 Unframed Options
Water To Wine by Morgan Weistling - 2 Unframed Options
Loaves & Fishes Are Blessed - 6 Framed & Unframed Options
Nothing Is Impossible by Danny Hahlbohm - 5 Unframed Options
Healer by David Bowman - 3 Framed & Unframed Options
Healing In His Wings by Jon McNaughton - 13 Options Available
Wedding at Cana by Jason Jenicke - 2 Matted & Framed Options
Talitha Cumi - 14 Selections Available
Jesus Heals Leper - 14 Selections Available
Arise, Take Your Bed And Walk by Yongsung Kim - 10 Options Available
Healing The Blind Man by Yongsung Kim - 10 Options Available
Who Touched Me by Yongsung Kim - 18 Options Available
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The Great Physician by Nathan Greene In the Garden by Ron DiCianni Precious by David Bowman Calvary by Stephen S. Sawyer Reflection of God by Morgan Weistling She Shall Bring Forth a Son by Liz Lemon Swindle