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The Masterpiece by Jon McNaughton - 10 Sizes Available
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The Masterpiece by Jon McNaughton - 10 Sizes Available

“The Masterpiece” by Jon McNaughton

From The Artist: What does the future hold for America? President Trump’s last few years in office have been remarkable. He has changed the direction of this country economically, devastated ISIS, negotiated with countries on the world stage, and been a powerful voice for American ideals. It hasn’t been easy, as he has been blocked by both Republicans and Democrats, trashed by the media, and hunted by the deep state in an attempt to undermine his presidency. But, the “painting” is not finished!

I believe that Trump will yet reveal in the future a greater degree of prosperity, justice, and American influence that has never been seen before. His greatest achievements are yet to be revealed. How will history remember the presidency of Donald J. Trump? I believe it will be considered a “Masterpiece.”