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The Lord's Prayer by Darren Gygi - 15 Options Available
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The Lord's Prayer by Darren Gygi - 15 Options Available

The Lord's Prayer by Daniel Gygi is an amazingly detailed work of art that would instantly become the focal point of any home or church decor setting.

Not only does Darren Gygi shows us just how fine an artist he really is with The Lordís Prayer, but he also manages to pass on to us that his command of the written word isnít all that shabby either. Any time that Christ prayed it would be the Lordís prayer. Additionally, it could be the Lordís Prayer that he is reciting.

But donít get too lost pondering that, because we really would like you take note of is just how wonderfully nuanced and amazingly rendered this portrait really is. The play of shadow and light, Christís expression, the power and intensity of His magnificently rendered hands. What you are looking at here is a master class in figurative painting.

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