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The Lord God Made Them All by Nathan Greene - 3 Unframed Options
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The Lord God Made Them All by Nathan Greene - 3 Unframed Options

"... For you created everything, and it is for your pleasure that they exist and were created" (Revelation 4:11). The hand of a Master Designer is immediately evident in the amazing variety, detail, and fascinating complexity of nature. The tropical and coastal waters are abundant in the handiwork of the Creator.

In this unique painting, Christ and a group of contemporary children feed playful dolphins at the sea's shoreline. Below the water's surface, a rich variety of marine life swims in a panorama of exploding color. God truly is in the details. The teals, blues, and inviting aqua-tones that flow from Nathan's brushwork are a delight to the eye. Though conflict and sin currently mar our planet, this thought-provoking painting is a vivid reminder of God's creative power, restoration, and love for His creation.

A Studio Canvas Giclée is the closest possible reproduction to Nathan's original artwork. It is displayed exactly like an original oil painting, in a frame without glass. You will have the richness and depth of color on the texture of canvas, with all the exquisite detail of the original. Nathan hand paints each giclée with his signature. This limited edition collector's piece will be a source of pleasure and inspiration for you and all who view it for many years to come.

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