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Hero by Stephen S. Sawyer - 12 Sizes Available
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Hero by Stephen S. Sawyer - 12 Sizes Available

Heroes are most properly honored and remembered because of the sacrifices they willingly make and not because of those imposed upon them.

Is it fair to believe that our loving Heavenly Father sacrificed Jesus when He clearly stated that this sacrifice was His own decision? John 10:17-19.

While we cannot truly understand the depths of pain and sorrow the human heart of Jesus experienced, from his betrayal and crucifixion, we should stand firm and resolute that the divine mind of Jesus was in complete harmony with the will of the Father.

How is it possible he was forsaken by God in this tragedy When he said “I and the Father be one.”? John 10:30

Jesus always makes decisions that honor, glorify, and demonstrate God’s attitude of mercy, love, and forgiveness towards us.

If the Heavenly Father that Jesus lived and died to reveal would resort to violence to manifest His will why wouldn’t Jesus do the same?

When James and John suggested to Jesus that they command fire down from Heaven to consume their enemies Jesus immediately rebuked them saying “You do not know what manner of spirit you are of.” Luke 9:54

When this truth triumphs and we refuse to accept a God who is barbaric, which Jesus never taught, then in Jesus’ name it truly will be finished.

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All paper and canvas giclees are signed by Mr. Sawyer

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