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The Good Shepherd by Simon Dewey - 6 Framed & Unframed Options
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The Good Shepherd by Simon Dewey - 6 Framed & Unframed Options

The Good Shepherd by Simon Dewey is a fine art Christian art piece that would accentuate the beauty of any office or home décor setting. This timeless piece by iconic Christian artist Simon Dewey will be treasured for years to come so buy it for yourself or give it as a gift to those you love.

About this Image: The enduring image of Christ as our shepherd has been portrayed in countless ways throughout history. I love the 23rd Psalm and the peace and comforts it brings. I wanted the warm colors in this painting to symbolize the warmth we can feel in knowing that He is watching over us. Just as he is our Shepherd, He has asked us to be his under-shepherds in watching over His flock. My hope is that you can feel the love and caring he has for each of us and the gentle and peaceful way he wants us all to watch over each other. ~ Simon Dewey

About the Artist: Simon Dewey, born in London, England, is well known for creating beautiful and uplifting images, including those of the Savior, His life, and His ministry.

Strata Design is a lithograph print mounted on board and sealed under a clear, scratch resistant, UV protected layer. This process allows the artwork to be framed without glass – eliminating the glare and worry associated with glass.

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