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Sterling Silver Choose Life Pendant & Chain
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Item Number: R45099



Sterling Silver Choose Life Pendant & Chain

•This item comes with an 18" chain, a gift box, and a card with message.

•From Deborah J. Birdoes' extraordinary Inspirational Blessings™ Collection of Jewelry.

I created this pendant because we must be the voice of an unborn child. As the bumper sticker reads, "It is not a choice, it is a baby!" The life of an unborn child begins at conception and becomes stronger as he/she grows. It is not up to another person if this life should stop or go on. Only God can make a decision as important as this. The person who wears this pendant shows their support for life not death.

Deborah J. Birdoes

Series: R45099

Quality: Sterling Silver

Size: 24.25X27.50 MM

Finish: Polished

Series Description: CHOOSE LIFE PENDANT

Weight: 6.6937 DWT ( 10.41 grams)