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Remember I Love You (Middle Child) Necklace
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Remember I Love You (Middle Child) Necklace

Polished Sterling Silver

Measures 26.92X23.81 MM

•This item comes with 18" chain, a gift box and a card with story.

•From Deborah J. Birdoes' extraordinary Inspirational Blessings™ Collection of Jewelry.

Remember I Love You (Middle Child)

You were very special to us even though you never got to do anything first. Your clothes were used, along with your toys. We did not react as fast to the different things you did although you were always unique. It didn't matter to you, you just kept being yourself! You must have felt it was a tough position to be in but you made yourself stronger for it. You were the one that went to bed with dirty feet and we found you were still OK in the morning. We were so much more relaxed and calmer but don't think we did not care because you intrigued us. You stood out with your patience and joy. We allowed you to do more on your own because we knew you would be safe. We thank you because you allowed us in our busy years to keep going. You were more independent and never ever in a hurry. Even though you were our middle child, you were an umrepeated miracle. Our memory banks are full of the joys you have given us. Without you our life would not be complete. Always remember how much we love you.

Weight: 5.5 DWT ( 8.55 grams)

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