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On My Knees by Akiane Kramarik - 6 Unframed Options
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On My Knees by Akiane Kramarik - 6 Unframed Options

When we are alone in prayer or meditation, we reach peace, joy, love and wisdom. That intimate time nourishes us for eternity.

Each of us walks through our own spiritual journey. But before we walk, before we climb, before we fly, we need to be on our knees. Many decisions need to be made in meekness. Meekness is not weakness. Meekness is the seed of strength, wisdom and love.

Each of us needs to find our own way leading to love, righteousness and happiness, and I chose young a child to complete the message.

I wake up on time. I kneel on a kiss. I stand up on a sting.

To be humble is to respect your own immaturity.

Adoption of perfectionism makes obedience incomprehensible.

Timelessness is performing with your own returned prayer.

Kneeling inside out passes every temptation.

We always respond to obedience.

In eternity humility becomes a legacy in greatness

strong>About the author>/strong>

Akiane's unique story rapidly circled all continents receiving top media coverage.

The interest in Akiane has reached unprecedented proportions, with over 200 published art works, 800 literary creations, two published best selling books and numerous publications.

She was featured on hundreds of radio shows, documentaries such as Miracle Detectives, Superhuman Geniuses, Indigo and prime-time TV such as Oprah Winfrey Show, World News Tonight, Good Morning America, Glen Beck Show/CNN, The View, Fox News, Montel Williams Show, Late Late Show, Lou Dobbs Show/CNN, Wayne Brady Show, Hour of Power, Supreme Master Television, TBN, Extreme Prophetic/Canada, Record Television/Brazil, etc.

Many of the world's leaders, royalty, scientists, media, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and celebrities have been acquainted with Akiane's art or collecting it. Her solo art exhibitions have been held in museums, auctions, galleries, embassies, private mansions, universities, institutes, monasteries, churches, hotels and corporations across the world.

To see Akiane's originals of such rare substance, vision, ambiance and technical virtuosity is a life changing experience for hundreds of art collectors, investors and enthusiasts who have been flowing into her gallery inspired by her genius. Usual solo art exhibitions and book signings attract thousands waiting in line for hours to meet "the wunderkind".

Considered an international treasure—the crown jewel of the world's finest art, Akiane's masterpieces represent a rare opportunity to see one of the world's most enchanted and mysterious paintings.

On My Knees by Akiane Kramarik - Age 11, 2006

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Whether you purchase for yourself, or as a gift to others, you will love this reminder of God's goodness and unfailing love. It makes a great way to share your faith and anyone who receives it will treasure it.

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