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Kite Necklace - Sterling Silver Inspirational Jewelry
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Kite Necklace - Sterling Silver Inspirational Jewelry

Polished Sterling Silver

Measures 36.88X12.97 MM

•This item comes with 18" chain, a gift box and a card with story.

•From Deborah J. Birdoes' extraordinary Inspirational Blessings™ Collection of Jewelry.

The Story of the Kite (Letting our children soar)

This pendant is a reminder that each day we have with our children, puts them one step closer to standing on their own. The kite represents our children, while the string is the lifeline we have to them. We spend what seems like a lifetime trying to get them off the ground. With each experience, we attempt to teach them about what is tryly important in life. Finally, we let out more string and they are airborne! Each tug we feel allows the kite to go higher. All too soon, we look up in the distance and see the kite beginning to soar. It is then we realize that it will not be long before our children soar freely on their own. Only then will we be able to look and see that they have become all that they were meant to be.

Weight: 4.08 DWT ( 6.35 grams)

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