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Embraced by the Heart™ (Couples Embrace) Necklace
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Embraced by the Heart™ (Couples Embrace) Necklace

Our Embraced by the Heart™ (Couples Embrace) Necklace would make an outstanding gift for Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or just because she is worth it.

This beautiful necklace is made of polished Sterling Silver, measures 24.31X20.16 MM and weighs 5.09 DWT ( 7.92 grams). It comes with an 18" chain, a gift box and card with story and poem.

From Deborah J. Birdoes' extraordinary Inspirational Blessings™ Collection of Jewelry.

Embraced by the Heart™

"Couples: In each one of us are two hugs inside, one waiting to give and one waiting to receive. This product line was inspired by my love for my husband to whom I am safe in his embrace and my family including my precious grandchildren who always have a huge hug to give. Here's to us who believe that being embraced by someone softens the aches of the day, puts love and hope back into our life, and simply put makes life a little better. I send to you my best embrace!

Hugs, Deborah


I'd like to give to you A gift to remember me. Where there are no spoken words, In a language you could see.

I'd wrap my arms around you, Today and always I'd send, An embrace to be remembered, One that would never end.

© Deborah J. Birdoes

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