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Design Cross Pendant 14k Yellow Gold
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Design Cross Pendant 14k Yellow Gold

LordsArt presents the best of both worlds: a cross pendant to keep the faith with all the style of modern flair. Their gold cross pendant features a geometric pattern of circles and squares that appeals to every fashion style. This simple but intriguing design is carefully carved over high quality 14K yellow gold. The yellow gold keeps this edgy design down to earth with its traditional style. This gold cross pendant offers the best mix of modern fashion and traditional values for your next jewelry purchase.

Quality: 14K Yellow

Finish: Polished

Series Description: CROSS PENDANT W/DESIGN

Option 1: Weight - 0.342 DWT ( 0.53 grams) Option 2: Weight - 0.564 DWT ( 0.88 grams) Option 3: Weight - 0.89 DWT ( 1.38 grams) Option 4: Weight - 1.585 DWT ( 2.46 grams)