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Christ with Lord's Prayer Figurine
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Christ with Lord's Prayer Figurine

The Christ with Lord's Prayer Figurine is a Christian art piece that makes a great gift for all occasions. This handcrafted timeless treasure offers classic home and office decor.

Introducing the premiere collection of inspirational figures available today, the Figures of Faith are artistic renderings of key moments and people from Biblical times enhanced with scripture and prayer.

Each sculpture is carefully detailed reflecting superior quality demonstrated by only the finest artisans. Figures of Faith provide for a meaningful gift and testament of faith. Each Figurine is Gift Boxed.

-- ©2009 Monarch Designs * Licensee Gifts of Faith -- Resin/Stone -- 12.75" H

This highly detailed piece of Christian art is an excellent conversation piece that provides an opportunity to share your faith with all who view it.

Whether you buy it for yourself or give it as a gift, you will love this reminder of God's goodness and unfailing love. It makes a great way to share your faith and anyone who receives it will treasure it.

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