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Blessed Bracelet
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Blessed Bracelet

Polished Sterling Silver

Set with:

1 1.25 MM, Round Gemstone CZ 6 6.0 MM, Round Gemstone FRESHWATER PEARL 29 4.0 MM, Round Gemstone FRESHWATER PEARL 29 4.0-5.0 MM, Gemstone CRYSTAL QUARTZ RONDELLE

•7¾" length

•This item comes with a gift box and a card with poem and verse from scripture.

•From Deborah J. Birdoes' extraordinary Inspirational Blessings™ Collection of Jewelry.


How could I have known You would love me as you do? You see me as your precious child, knowing what I've been through. Searching, you found me, sending favor along my way. Adding treasure to my soul, and blessing everyday. Abounding with your favor, erases all my fear. Knowing how much you love me sustains me year to year.

© 2006 Deborah J Birdoes

Quote from Scripture: "I am abounding with the favor of You, Lord, and I am full of Your blessings." Deut.33:23

Weight: 4.24 DWT ( 6.59 grams)

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